A relevant quote from "The Poetics of Space" + On labels.

A relevant quote from "The Poetics of Space" + On labels.
When I relive dynamically the road that "climbed" the hill, I am quite sure that the road itself had muscles, or rather, counter-muscles. In my room in Paris, it is a good exercise for me to think of the road in this way. As I write this page, I feel freed of my duty to take a walk: I am sure of having gone out of my house.

From “The Poetics of Space” by Gaston Bachelard, Part 1. The House. From Cellar to Garret. The Significance of the Hut.

Where/when our POV is, we are--in the above case, as the avatar who is in that scene of the hill, as well as all elements in that scene. We can become the road and “feel freed of [our] duty to take a walk.”


Whether a resource is labeled as religion, spirituality, science, philosophy, or anything else is irrelevant to the purposes of actually experiencing something. In October 2023’s roundup, I mentioned that I want the theory on this site to be like a cookie recipe—something that I don’t even consider “theory.” A recipe is absolutely meant to be utilized for an experience in the avatar world, using all our bodily senses. A cookie recipe that is supposed to remain as recipe-only will not even be called a recipe. Perhaps it might be decoration, but not recipe.

A book like “The Poetics of Space” is practical, in that it is tangible despite consisting of nothing but letters. It's a great way to experience being something other than the avatar, even as the avatar is clearly performing the actions of turning the pages and processing the letters with its brain.

I dare you to read this book and not taste honey! I dare you to read this book and not feel it dripping all around you to form a pool of love! While reading this book, you become wherever and whenever Gaston Bachelard takes you.

(This book has been added to the Recommended resources page.)

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