Being pissed at the storyteller is an excellent place to start.

Being pissed at the storyteller is an excellent place to start.

In the previous post, I mentioned that the idea of a storyteller, presented thus far, could lead to a sense of fury, indignation, disappointment, and similar reactions—usually categorized as undesirable.

This is an excellent place to start. Also, I think it’s the likelier path we’ll take, initially, when we encounter a worldview like “The Storyteller’s Eye.” Most of us have led lives like the ones of novel characters who never considered that they live in a novel. Now we’re considering that there is this novelist who, apparently, thought we wanted/needed all the problems in our lives, when, clearly, we so did NOT want them! What an idiot, this novelist, to think she knows what we want!

Very few such novel characters would jump straight to “Excellent, let me collaborate with the novelist.” Even if some characters desired to do so in their heads, their hearts might still scream “But remember the injustice the novelist made us suffer through?”

However, notice that, in order to be pissed at the novelist/storyteller, one must accept the existence of the novelist/storyteller. That is why this is a good place to start. We cannot work with an entity that we deny the existence of. However, when we accept that an entity exists, then, even though we may not like that entity right now, we may, one day, come to like it, appreciate it, and flourish with it.

The worldview tag is best read in this order. The later posts build on the earlier posts.