Some initial terms.

Some initial terms.

The reason there are so many dictionaries in this world is that despite their existence, words are used for different meanings all the time. So, here are some initial terms, defined specifically for the use in the worldview of The Storyteller's Eye.

  • body: container of mind in the avatar world
  • mind: emotions, thoughts, feelings
  • avatar: body & mind
  • POV(point-of-view): everywhere and everywhen the avatar can go with its everyday awareness, and that which can go everywhere and everywhen

Please note that these definitions exist for explanation's sake. These things don't really exist separately. It's similar to how we talk about the wrist, the forearm, and the elbow, but can't really know where precisely the wrist ends and the forearm begins or where precisely the forearm ends and the elbow begins. Terms like wrist, forearm, and elbow are useful; however, they aren't really separate things.

I will introduce future terms in-line, within posts--without creating separate posts just for the terms. I will also add the terms to the terms page.

The worldview tag is best read in this order. The later posts build on the earlier posts.