Now is the time to accept or reject this particular inspiration.

Now is the time to accept or reject this particular inspiration.

Now is a good time to accept or reject this inspiration—the inspiration that we are in a story. Not just theoretically. Literally.

And this inspiration isn’t from me—me, Ithaka. Ithaka is writing this post through her (my) avatar. In the avatar world, her (my) words are her (my) intellectual property and she is the creator, etc etc. We are separated. You aren’t her (me).

But in the worldview of The Storyteller’s Eye, if this post has found you and you found this post, your storyteller allowed the inspiration in this post to enter your POV. Literally, this post has entered your field of vision. Before it did, this post might as well not have existed for you. In fact, it’s beyond “might as well.” It actually and literally did not exist for you.

And it’s your choice whether to accept or reject the inspiration in this post and the posts up to now.

If you reject the worldview, everything up to this post and everything that will come after this post will not be of use. And that’s fine.

If you accept the worldview, or, for now, at least the possibility of it, you might experience all or some of the following phenomena, which I am experiencing:

  • Feeling loved (not romantically loved; this love is the kind of love we have for rocks, of accepting their state unconditionally)
  • Making sense of the story up to now
  • Writing the story to come.

The worldview tag is best read in this order. The later posts build on the earlier posts.